Sunday, July 18, 2010


I knew internet access would be tricky but this is crazy!!! Sorry to everyone who has been worried but I am still alive and kicking...literally, there are a lot of bugs I have to kick out of my way.

Unfortunately, I have three very interestingly intrigueing posts about the past few weeks that I am currently unable to share with you. I have tried to access the internet twice lately. Once the electricity at the internet cafe completely went out as soon as I got on. The next time it was so slow I could not accomplish anything in the little bit of time I had. Now I am at an AMAZING resort for our mid-training vacation weekend with great internet but the wireless is down and my version of Word is newer than theirs so it will be a bit longer before you get to hear about my first few weeks of homestay training.

Hope all is well and please keep the letters and emails coming!