Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Less Than 1 Week!

After a five week whirlwind of roadtrips, goodbye lunches, riding, goodbye dinners, leisure reading and goodbye parties, I found myself this past Monday with only one week left and a TON of stuff to do. Not that I am a procrastinator....I just happen to work better under pressure...

More Official Stuff
I found out that it is recommended to use your ATM card instead of carrying a lot of cash, which is great for me considering that is all I ever do here in the U.S. But I had planned to move my checking account to Clinton so family can deal with anything that comes up. I would not have gotten a new ATM card in time, so we had to get them signed on to my account in Paducah.

While we are speaking of banks, I have exciting news. I am the proud new renter of my very own safety deposit box! I can now safely leave behind my valuables and important paperwork will be easily found if needed while I am away.

Geeksquad Apprentice
Yes, I been promoted from a Geeksquad Wannabe to an Apprentice! As you may remember from my last post, I was getting a bit overwhelmed by technology and trying to decide what type of computer I should take. I ended up getting an Eee netbook. I was initially put off when I learned they do not have CD drives, but I really liked the size and price for my purposes. Plus, I can backup using jump drives and watch movies/tv available online.

Another big bonus on my netbook is that it came with a camera and Skype already downloaded. Last night I had a trial run and successfully spoke via video with a friend in Paducah! If you have Skype, look me up!

I do want to stress here that while I am taking a netbook, iPod, digital camera and Solio they will not be part of my everyday life. Not just because I will lack the power to use them frequently, but I also do not want to become the "rich white person". I will want and need to blend in as best as possible so I will mostly use them in the privacy of my home and on trips outside of my village. I will also be taking care not to waste time using them instead of being out visiting with the people.

King of Prussia Bound!
About three weeks ago I received my staging information. Staging is two days of intense orientation within the U.S. On June 14, I will fly to King of Prussia, PA, a suberb of Philadelphia. There will be several sessions and shots that afternoon and night as well as the next day.
That evening we will travel by bus to JFK in NYC for an eight hour flight to Zurich. Then a staight nine hour, 40 minute flight Dar es Salaam, Tanzania! Dar is a major city where most of our two month training will occur.

Right now I have just over four days before I leave. So I must log off here and get back to packing!

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