Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How My Willpower Finally Snapped

I have now been back in the US for just over 48 hours! A whirlwind took over as soon as I landed. I was greeted by my dad and stepmom, grandparents and aunt & uncle who then treated me to a late (10p.m.) dinner at IHOP! Much sweet ice tea was drunk…and even more since then!

Yep, good food is definitely a big highlight of my visit! But I’ve been proud of not going too crazy all at once. I didn’t make a mad dash to the grocery to buy up all the things I’ve missed. Luckily my small hometown doesn’t have any fast food chains so that temptation isn’t readily available. Though at the Chicago airport, I did have to stop at the McDonalds for a sweet tea, cheeseburger and fries. BUT, I didn’t go for a big deluxe burger or double up on a burger AND chicken nuggets…..believe me, the thought did cross my mind!

For the most part, PCVs visiting the States can go fairly crazy eating their fav foods, because they’ll loose the weight quickly after returning. BUT as someone who’s always struggled with their weight, I seriously have to watch myself- especially since I’ll be returning to a big city where good foods are more readily available.

But….this morning….after 2 full days of resisting a kitchen full of my fav snacks….I finally snapped. What were the foods that caused this lapse in good judgement? Sausage, cold milk and Chips Ahoy.

OK, so for you to understand, I need to explain that in TZ they call hot dogs sausage! Yes, really! No tasty, greasy patties or links to be found at all! And I love good Southern breakfasts. So I was excited this morning to have found in the freezer a box of pre-sliced and patted out sausage patties (oh, how I missed America)! So I’m cooking my sausage, egg and toast when I realize I can also have a big glass of ice cold MILK with this meal. You have no idea how this realization excites me!!

So I fix my glass and starting sipping...or guzzling…when I suddenly catch sight of the Chips Ahoy package. The next thing I know I’m flipping sausage with one hand and dunking cookies in my milk with the other…..not a pretty sight. BUT I am proud to say I was able to stop after only 2 cookies. Small servings of much food is my goal for this venture!

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  1. You're definitely allowed to indulge in some "snaps". Sounds pretty normal. I had a chocolate bar on the way to Kampala this morning as my 2nd mid-morning snack. Enjoy!